About Us


Who are we

Spitar is a unique application that allows the user to move between Medical Facilities with ease, move within the Different departments, and know many details, including doctors and specialists, available offers, available services, and the biggest surprise that we have introduced is the reservation system that allows you to browse most of medical facilities inside uae and book with your doctor Favorite all this, just one click of a button while you are seated at home


Our vision

Our vision and purpose clear in this application It provides significant advantages and improvements to the references at the place where the counseling or medical treatment takes place. This leads to increased medical awareness and also leads to cooperation between the individuals and the hospital. This creates a significant reduction in the pressure between the individuals and the hospital and facilitates the process of medical treatment or guidance.


Our Main Goal

Our main goal is to provide the opportunity and facilitate for those who wish to visit a specific doctor, clinic, specialized medical center, government or private hospital, to find their desire easily in normal situations and in emergency situations, to be the loyal friend who guides you to the right place and to remember that life in times of emergency is related to seconds, so you find us We guide you until you reach the right place and also to encourage medical tourism in the United Arab Emirates


Medical Seminars & Events

Spitar app also displays medical seminars and events, which helps all workers in the field of medical stay in touch with the latest developments in medical education