Terms and Conditions

  1. Your use of this application is evidence of your acceptance of the terms and conditions
  2. SPITAR is only a link between the user and the service provider
  3. SPITAR does not bear any liability as a result of misuse by the user or the service provider
  4. The user is not entitled to repeat the process of booking unnecessary appointments in order to gain additional points or for any other improper purposes
  5. SPITAR administration has the right to issue a warning or omission to the user or service providers in case of unauthorized misuse in order to preserve the reputation and policy of the application
  6. SPITAR has the right to save user numbers and data or service providers for advertising
  7. The service providers are not entitled not to respond to the users ’reservations request. In the case of repetition of the behaviour, SPITAR is entitled to issue a warning first, and in the event of recurrence, the service provider will be deleted without compensation for the subscription value
  8. In the event of a technical failure outside of control in the electronic application, the service providers shall be compensated for a period similar to the period of the holidays only without any other compensation
  9. The terms and conditions are written (deletion, addition, amendment) at any time, so the user and the provision providers must review the terms and conditions periodically
  10. SPITAR is not responsible for any incorrect advertisement, expiry date, or any other matter
  11. The application may be unavailable, either fully or partially, or temporarily or permanently suspended for reasons of maintenance and modernization
  12. The user is not entitled to record incorrect information in the application, and the application administration has the right to review the user and inquire from him, and the administration has the right to delete the user in case of non-compliance
  13. SPITAR is not responsible for improper behaviour by service providers