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Spitar is the first medical guide to get the strongest offers, discounts, browse all medical facilities within the United Arab Emirates, see all doctors and specialists, and browse All medical and cosmetic services and access to the best treatments and Spitar contains a job platform that allows you to search for medical vacancies or submit a medical job search application also Spitar includes the latest medical events and workshops

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Medical Tourism

The UAE is becoming a regional hub for medical and cosmetic treatment. Thanks to short waiting times, competitive pricing and high quality care, it serves an ideal destination for patients seeking treatment abroad. Spitar aims to encourage medical tourism in UAE

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Medical Facilities


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Welcome To Spitar

The largest application and the first platform in UAE, which includes most medical facilities, doctors and specialists SPITAR has been found to be your companion everywhere, guiding, assisting and guiding you in making the right medical decision With SPITAR, save time and effort SPITAR is the ideal solution for choosing your doctor and organizing your appointments SPITAR….. together towards a healthy society

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High-Quality Services

Spitar includes hospitals, medical centers, clinics, home care centers, doctors and specialists all over the United Arab Emirates

  • Hospitals


    UAE includes a list of the best hospitals in the world and is one of the first developed countries in the health field Therefore, we are proud to include these hospitals, present them to the world, and provide their services to everyone

  • Clinics


    UAE is the first in the world in the number of internationally accredited medical facilities And it includes a very large number of clinics in various medical specialties Spitar now puts in your hands these clinics and makes it easier for you to search for the clinic, doctor and required specialty

  • Medical Centers

    Medical Centers

    UAE includes thousands of medical centers The Ministry of Health and Community Protection has directed towards artificial intelligence and digital medical services, and their growing and remarkable dependence on them, as well as making them the cornerstone of any development and modernization that it conducts in any medical facility or one of its services.

  • Home Care

    Home Care

    UAE always seeks through home care centers, to provide high-quality services to elderly patients and people of determination who cannot access health services, to maintain their prestige and privacy and enhance their sense of safety and support in a family ambience We are proud to include these centers in Spitar and provide their services to everyone who needs them

Why did you choose us?

Spitar shows you the medical facilities with all details, about the health facility, the CVs of the doctors and specialists, the insurance cards accepted by them, their location and their working hours
Spitar includes most of the medical facilities in the UAE and the best (hospitals, medical centers, clinics, home care centers)
Spitar includes the best and most skilled doctors and specialists in the UAE
Through Spitar, you can book with your preferred doctor and at any medical facility you choose This helps the patient to access the required service quickly and reduces the pressure on medical facilities
Spitar shows you all offers and discounts available at medical facilities in the UAE
Spitar shows you all offers and discounts available at medical facilities in the UAE

Care On The GO

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Application Features

  • Modern user interface
  • Seamless data entry
  • Scheduling the patients' reservations and linking them directly with the intended hospital or specialized medical place
  • Assisting the patients' in proper planning for facing emergencies
  • Compatible with most search engines
  • Compatible with most internet browsers
  • contains a platform to display doctors' videos to increase health awareness among individuals
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